Half Dome Yosemite

A California Roadtrip

A few weeks back I set out on a road trip from Tahoe to explore the surrounding areas in California. This state has captured my heart and brings me back from Australia year after year. California has so much to offer, whether it be mountains, beaches, cities, National Parks, deserts, wine regions and endless more.…


Whirlwind Tour of Laos: Part 1

Even though we were on a time crunch for our South East Asia trip we didn’t want to leave out Laos. We decided seven days would be a good amount of time to see the top half of the country all but quickly. I ended up leaving the country feeling extremely rushed on our 11th…


Thailands Transport

Getting from A to B in Thailand is so easy! I had heard a few things from people before I arrived and was in a mixed mind about what it would actually be like. Although there is a language barrier I have had some great travel experiences.  Fun fact: Thailand is the second most dangerous…


Top things to do in Bangkok

Wow Bangkok! With an estimated population of 8.5 million, a visit to the Thai capital is anything but boring. Although with so many options what do you do in limited time? Here are my top picks to fill a few days in this bustling city.


What’s what in Bali ?

Bali is one of Indonesias 17,000 + islands and probably the most well known to tourists. Cheap prices, beautiful beaches, a relaxed atmosphere, friend locals and good waves bring tourists from all corners of the globe.  Although a small island, only 5,780km2 there are plenty of regions to keep you occupied for weeks if not…